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in an enrichment program nuclear programs from iran? there are two obvious choices, one is israel, one is the united states. >> you believe that the u.s. and/or israel may have been responsible for this? >> i think every piece of logic i have points to the fact that israel is the chief suspect right now, chiefly because last tuesday the day after the event i'm told important national security meetings in tehran, one involved the supreme leader, the head of the irgc and the head of quds force. and i'm told the supreme leader approved of retaliation against israel probably out of lebanon, the valley near israel is being evacuated in preparation of an action. tehran believes it was israel, i'll stay with that, larry. >> a year ago or less than a year ago, we had a power breakdown at this very same nuclear plant. do you think that was israel? >> that was mid-august 2012, yes, i do. that was on the surface. a month later, the iranians themselves admitted to that attempt to sabotage. it is the heart of the iranian suspect nuclear weapons program. it is the bargaining chip that iran brings to
forms a government israel will be close to negotiations again. former anchorman turned politician made statements saying he ran on a platform on mandatory military service. we ran the numbers larry. >> appreciate it. with the prime minister's party working with a weak erer majori what does this mean for the u.s. in the middle east? sorry, ambassador ginsberg. the question is iran. not palestine and also president obama. how does this affect israel's relation wi relation? >> it is clear that the wings have been clipped. >>> if he is going to abide by we don't want you playing around with the united states relationship. he's going to have to be a lot more kinder and gentler to this president who won and overwhelming mandate to avoid going to war with iran. if you catch the president's speech and his address there were lines in there that made it clear that the president is going to walk the extra mile to see if he can engage iran rather than go to war with iran. >> i'm sure that he will. i'm sure that the president of the united states will have that military option still on the table. l
scandal surrounding the senator. it's all unconfirmed but the potential legal fallout is huge. >>> israel takes no chances. the air force launches two air strikes in syria preventing the assad regime from transporting chemicals and weapons of mass destruction to hezbollah. if the red line is crossed israel will attack again. we cover it all. "the kudlow report" begins now. first up we learned today the fourth quarter gdp fell slightly, much to everybody's surprise. so the white house is blaming republicans for the fiscal tax cliff and the spending sequester which i think is hilarious. they invented the sequester. we have had tax, spend and regulate policies for four years. why not try something different. let's talk about it with our powerhouse panel. jared bernstein, center on budget and policy priorities. senior fellow. doug holtz-ekin, peter suderman and james freeman, assistant editor for the wall street journal. james, i'm amoused right off the top. team obama starts attacking republicans first of all for the budget cutting sequester which they invented. second of all, for the fiscal
for secretary of defense. hagel's a republican, but he's been accused of anti-semitism toward israel and he's also soft on iran. >>> and epa regulatory menace lisa jackson finally resigning because president obama apparently will approve the keystone pipeline. that's the latest from a number of sources. and i say good riddance to her, but good for the keystone pipeline. here is a disgraceful story tonight. new reports that welfare cash is being spent on strippers, booze, and important shows. whatever happened to work requirements. and the battle everyone's waiting for in miami tonight, notre dame looks to win the national championship over obama. but in one way, the fighting irish may have already won. and last but not least, i'm going to tell you why i think a debt ceiling and government shutdown, bad idea. i'm going to show you a better way. the "kudlow report" begins right now. . >>> first up, amid allegations of anti-semitism and antiisrael sentiments, president obama nonetheless nominated former republican senator chuck hagel for the position of secretary of defense. that today, also r
if israel could be medicining for a right coalition as benjamin netanyahu says he is prepared to work with the naturalist home. and we'll take a look at travel chaos across the continent as snow and freezing conditions cause plenty of disruption in the air and on the road. now, germany's social democrats are celebrating a stunning victory in lower saxony secured with the victory of just one seat. support for angela merkel's christian democrats fell by 657 percentage points, but the chance ler herself continues to ride high on opinion polls. for more on what all of this means, silvia wadhwa is here to join us on set. good morning to you. i guess, is this -- this is being presented as a blow to angela merkel or at least to her party. but given there's just a one-seat differential in the outcome, is that too strong? >> yes, it is. i think that there are two trends here. one trend is that both major parties, the social democrats and angela merkel are not really on a winning streak. they both have problems. the social democratic contender, the federal elections, is thinking fast or has bee
us. he picks up support from chuck schumer who didn't get an apology for the anti-israel statements. if we were growing at 5% instead of 2% we would be close to a balanced budget today. i'm kudlow we will be right back. at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly several months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about gas and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubt he'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the aflac duck a get-well card at >>> here is the governor who gets the job joining me now pennsylvania republican governor welcome to the kudlow report sir. let me get this right, why are these cars with maryland and jersey plates moving into pennsylvania? >> thank you for having me on. i think a lot of it has to do with keeping it in line to not race taxes
a shipment of weapons to the anti-israel militant group hezbollah in neighboring lebanon. the vice premier of israel warned if there's any signs that seeria was losing its grip on chemical weapons there would be military air strikes. no reports that there were chemical weapons in this strike, the associated press saying it's anti-aircraft missiles. the first time israel has fired into syria since 2007. definitely represents an escalation of the situation there. syria, of course, in the midst of a raging civil war. back to you. >> thanks, michelle. our next guest has analysis of america's fiscal situation and the takeaway is this. despite our debt fast approaching $17 trillion, spending cuts will actually make matters worse. >> and the reason is it's getting so much attention is that john makin, a noted conservative economist, and is a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute. also with us is lindsey piegsa, an economist at ftn financial, and she sees things a little bit differently. john, we'll go to you first because the headline there is you mean to tell me a conservative ec
. >> another risk you bring up is the jibs. that's japan, israel, and britain. >> that's right. china is rising, the middle east is exploding, and europe is muddling through. each has one country that happens to be the special ally of the united states that is outside and can't do anything about it. china's rising and japan can't have a good relationship with them. they're really increasingly by themselves and facing conflict. the middle east is exploding. israel is on the downside of every one of those relations whether it's egypt or jordan or turkey. and the europeans are muddling through but ultimately are improving and tightening in the eurozone. where are the brits? they're outside. these are the three countries the united states has a special relationship with. they're our allies yet they're countries that are impacted very negatively by the unmooring happening today. >> with all these risks, where do i put my money? >> i think there are a few emerging markets becoming more developed. places like brazil and turkey. but also the strong developed markets are coming back. financial crisis, w
. the early exit polls in israel indicate that benjamin netanyahu has won a third term as prime minister of that country. those terms have not been continuous or contiguous, i should say. he's projected to win though a center left party, a relatively new one, has made surprising gains according to news reports and that could make the coalition-building over there a little more tricky. right now the prediction is that benjamin netanyahu's likud party has won about 31 seat in the -- in the parliament and will take the lead in forming the government. netanyahu had called these elections in a way as a reflection of his policies on the west bank and settlements, the quelling of the uprising in gaza and, of course, israeli relations or lack of relations, i should say, with iran. many people and political observers there believe that this will then continue his relatively more hardline right-leaning policies on all of those three issues. netanyahu, according to exit polls, will once again be prime minister in israel. >> thanks, tyler. heading towards the close. about 50 minutes left in the trad
that. >> and israel, right? >> more than 75 million. it is a software company and a mobile market and a data center with recurring revenues. exactly what you want and high margins. we bought ndf, some types of opportunities. but both of those are outside the u.s. so we're assuming that the tax laws are not going to change. we're basically going to put our money to work in places like canada, the uk, israel, russia and asia where they're going to get a return and where we want it. >> that is a change and that starts spreading out, does that mean the rate of pick up in dividend payments and shares -- >> no, we committed to our shareholders 50% of our cash flow we will pay back on them, either in the form of dividends or share buybacks. but i think the key things to take away from davos is we're becoming the innovative leader and many of the concepts appear to be paying out very well for us. >> so what makes more sense for you right now, dividends, increase or a buyback? >> we're going to poll our shareholders. we've committed to giving you 50% back. >> thank you for join onning the
. bringing everyone back down-to-earth an they avoid the fiscal cliff and congressman steve israel from new york, we will find out where his focus now turns. 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer-power? [ laughs ] [ pencil scratches ] [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. now through january 2nd, no monthly payments until spring for qualified buyers. get the silverado for 0% apr financing for 60 months plus $1,000 holiday bonus cash. plus trade up for an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> a deal to avoid the cliff, what it means for the economy and america's future as cong
and ratheon for their patriot systems which could be big in any iran/israel conflict. and he expects these companies to have 8% to 12% returns. will that continue? one other thing, two of these defense companies have brand new ceos, both women. lockheed martin and general dynamics. back to you. >> coming into office at a difficult time. the defense stocks keep going up despite the fact we know there are government spending cuts ahead. >> i know. they've been doing great. a few reasons. any sequestration would effect future contracts, not current contracts, unless the federal government wants to pay for breaking contracts, but they also continue to show good bookings, especially internationally and putting out cash. i'm not putting bowing in this group because there's so many issues with the 787 there. >> that's wise. >> research in motion moving higher. that stock up $1.54. a nearly 10% move. the ceo says the smartphone maker may consider strategic alliances with other companies. the stock is up 154% in the past six months on optimism over the launch of its blackberry 10, which the c
why he is regarded as a maverick. >> he will have to answer questions about his views on israel. he's been more critical than most american politicians. questions about his stands and how tough it is on irans. these are concerns that republicans have raised. he will also have to address concerns. he begun to do so about his stance on guy right because he said some things in the 1990s about an appointee that clinton had that concerns members of the guy community. sew will have to address all of those. there are concerns on the left and right. but i expect he will be confirmed ultimately. this is a day to celebrate and the president says he expect the he is not rate to probably confirm. i have to say, before we get out, a nod to leon panetta who has been an extraordinary public servant. he had the line of the day where he said he will be retiring, returning to california with his walnut farm to work with a different set of nuts. which is a reference to washington. he exhorted his soon to be former colleagues in government to be the right thing. i think he is talking about the sequeste
getting any bang for your $10 million in research and development in 2012? they got the israel one going 24 hours. >> and chipotle. >> i shop and i go to factories. >> i have to tell you, this was an intel that was -- we're not as bad as you think. we're not as bad -- no, guys, have some pride. you're great. >> it seems at this point, jim t is a show-me stock. >> oh, is it ever. >> was there any mention of who might replace ottolini? did you see that in the transcript of your call? >> no. >> what is the strategy for intel? it will spend a lot of money next year. the chip prices, by the way, for smartphones are higher than average in the industry. that may be a sign it has limited penetration in this space. and by the way, there's going to be a new ceo coming in, and we don't know who that is. >> they're talking about a hockey stick fourth quarter that is going to do worldwide macro. that's a shame. because i remember in the conference calls that andy grove used to run, they weren't a macro play. they were a growth play. and stacy, who is a great guy, he says, listen, wait a second, we've
israel. there is a new law that bans models who are too skinny. the law requires models to have a body mass index or bmi of at least 18.5. okay. and with that we're going to end this show. thanks for watching. >>> hi, everybody. good afternoon. we're into the final stretch. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. a bit of green on the screen today after two straight days in the red, scott. >> good to see you again. i'm scott wapner in for bill griffith. on top of these markets plus a whole lot more including the imminent nomination of jack lew as treasury secretary may mean to the debt ceiling fight. we'll previau bank earnings which are about to kick o.those more than anything else could drive the markets in the coming weeks and aig will not join in former chief hank greenberg's lawsuit against the same u.s. taxpayers that bailed the company out. aig ceo bob benmoschy will be here. >> first take a look at the markets. what we're seeing is we have the markets higher though it's well off the highs. up 90 points on the dow industrials and we're
, a israel will close lower than it opens if it gaps lower, i still think that there is a way to get it in short here. since that 705 top, seen sellers come in on any rally. going to gap lower. the options market was implying a move to the downside about $36 by friday expiration so that's lower. could see another $14 from the down side into friday. >> what you're looking at is the bets being placed in the options market right now, and they seem to be suggesting come friday when we get an expiration that this stock will be appreciably lower from here. that's why you're thinking about putting a shot on right now, yes? >> yes, correct. >> okay. so this is a short-term trade, but this stock has already gone from 700 something down to 500 and something. do you think the trend is going to go lower from here? >> absolutely. you know, since that blowoff top at 705 seen sellers come in on every rally that the seller has found. since the beginning of the year, broader markets have touched new multi-year highs on a daily basis and apple massively underperforming and still have downside here. th
blackberry users are trying to sell their old models. we're joined today by israel of gazelle. welcome. good to have you on the show. >> thank you. thanks for having me on the show again. >> you're like the leading indicator. what is the interest in trying to sell your old late model blackberry? >> you know, we've seen some really interesting trends in our business in the last couple of months. on the blackberry side, our volume in terms of blackberry tradings has doubled over the last month, and, in fact, over the last week, we receive a 500% increase in the blackberry trade-ins. we're seeing a lot of action on the part of the blackberry users. >> put that kind of move into context. is that something you would generally see in front of a norfolk nokia launch, apple launch? >> sure. this is a pretty impressive performance for blackberry, i have to admit that. we saw it around the iphone event and samsung's introduction of its new phone. with didn't know what to expect. we knew about this launch for a long time. we didn't know what to expect. but we're very surprised to see that kind of volum
out tonight who takes israel, obviously netanyahu is leading the poles now. at the same time, north africa in the news with all of the latest violence at the gas field in algeria. so does this complicate the narrative of wanting to push ahead with sequestration? >> well, the speech yesterday was very short on international affairs. which i found surprising. because we are in ra very dangerous place right now. there is a great deal of uncertainty and new turmoil. sequestration was to what america's positive tour should be and how best to that in the in the two weeks. we'll have more focus on spending in general, spending in particular and, if you will, trying to right side the dvenlgs budget. >> mary jo, as you said, we didn't necessarily hear a strategic vision from the president, but do you think we can take what's happening in algeria that this is basically how the u.s. is going to conduct foreign policy when it comes to that issue in the world, this idea of leading from behind? >> i think that that is -- has certainly been the tenor recently and it looks like it will continue to
are for the international community, they resonate with many israelis. expect to see more economic change, especially israel's enormous debt. back to you. >> yeah. big issue there. jim maceda joining us from tel av aviv. thank you very much. >>> the house of representatives is set to vote today on a measure to extend the u.s. debt ceiling for nearly four months. that bill is expected to get almost unanimous support from the republican caucus, meaning it will pass. democrats would prefer a longer term solution. senate majority leader harry reid has expressed support for the house bill. the white house says president obama won't stand in the way of it becoming law. ross? >> yeah. >>> we've been asking as a result here in davos how well u.s. lawmakers' persistent failure to come up with a permanent solution impact the u.s. economy. this is some of these views. >> the lack of decisions in the u.s., kicking the can down the road will be a drag. i think it will be a slower start in the united states as a result generally. >> actually very concerned because the issue is demography, medicare. it's not -- everybody
island sandwiched between greece, turkey, israel and egypt. had the banking sector exposed to greece, it needed to bailout. the bank iing sector is not balg out cyprus, has money laundering problems, we're not going there. the ecb said actually, this is potentially systemic of the eurozone, a member you need to sort it out. now, we find the possibility of a deal courtesy of the russians. yes, a three-way deal. in essence, cyprus is a little bit like euro's answer to brighton beach, a magnet for russian money that may be connected to russian money or not and said they will come in with a three-way deal. not a huge issue, a 17 million euro bailout but clears another obstacle out of the way. another subject of banking, the how continues in italy, clear it's looking for new investors, change of management and bank of of italy saying it will ensure the loans keep going and the italian minister coming to the defense of the central bank saying it's done its job properly. meanwhile, in a relatively quiet day in europe, upgrades and downgrades and one standout was morgan stanley pessimistic a
, it is something that is -- let's call it google map with social networking. it's very popular in israel. it would be a game changer for whoever gets it. it's very exciting for people to map their socials. i like it. >> excites david, i can tell. >> yeah. one of the most beautiful facebook pages i've ever seen. and your pinterest page is nice, too. >> yes, it is. >> works for sammy sosa. no reason you can't do it. >> sometimes i get tired of your overreaction. it's just so over the top. i don't know how you restrain yourself. it's been 15 years of restraining yourself when i talk. that's why you do it. >> yes. i battle hard. >> i often think of the zen. i've gotten the anger management training, working with the truth and reconciliation committee in south africa. don't forget the condi teachings and the dally llama. he knows what he's talking about. >>> gene spurling with his feelings of the debt ceiling standoff. >>> what's another two more minutes. 6 stocks in 60 seconds when "squawk on the street" returns. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know can hurt you
israel striking iran to prevent this from happening. and nothing has happened. so i don't think anything is going to happen. and iran is going to continue to move forward with its nuclear development project. >> and we'll -- >> we'll have to learn to live with a contained iran rather than preventing the enrichment from happening. >> byron, thank you, for joining us daet. we're going to remember all these. >> byron, we're going to have to have you back before another year goes by. then we're going to have to see -- batting 500 do you think? last year? >> well, last year was a little better than 500. >> okay. >> byron, thank you for being here. join us tomorrow. "squawk on the street" begins right now. >>> good wednesday morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." the show's going well already. i'm carl, with melissa lee, jim cramer and david faber. we have earnings season officially under way. courtesy of alcoa, some pretty decent sentiment this morning. we'll talk about that with cramer in a moment. europe, numbers over there as well. germany industrial production did miss. green arrows
all that stuff in the background. >> rite. or the company that buffett bought in israel, where they, you know, every once in awhile got to run to a pawn shop and it's one of the greatest companies in the world. or whatever it is. what do you think? you've been listening to all this. >> yeah, you know, i'll take an optimistic tone on the fiscal cliff discussions. you know, in my view, they're making progress. and you know, these are not the kinds of decisions that are going to get made and resolved overnight, but, you know, they've addressed tax -- they've addressed income tax revenues. they've made some things permanent. they've taken some uncertainty out of the equation for the public. >> jon, now that they made them permanent where are we going to get the money >> they're going to force them to get made. >> with that 98%, or 99% since it's 450, that was what helped clinton get a balanced budget. it was at 99% of the people were kicking in some money. now that's permanent. >> -- advocate now because for months we had a debate about not raising taxes on anybody. >> no, i've been wit
iran and referred to pro-israel groups as the jewish lobby. once said being gay inhibits effectively. brennan is a 25-year cia veteran. he withdrew from the agency's top job in 2008 amidst allegations of enhanced interrogation techniques. i just saw "zero dark thirty." >> you want to just call it torture? >> some of that stuff looked tough. quick check on the markets. u.s. equity futures at this hour. dow off 34 points, s&p 500 a little over 5 and the nasdaq off close to 10. overseas in asia, a mixed bag. the hang seng down virtually nothing. shanghai composite up a little bit and nikkei off a little bit, as well. finally, quick check on europe, we do have red arrows across the board there. the fed's minutes last week threw a little cold water on the markets. not much considering where the s&p ended up. here is a look at the inside divisions. the division that's inside the fed and the outlook for qe from senior economics reporter steve liesman who joins us a little background. you going to give us a little drama, a little -- >> yeah, there seem to be at least two separate fault lines
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